O našem društvu

Društvo slovensko-kitajskega prijateljstva (DSKP, http://www.slo-cn.si/ ) je bilo ustanovljeno leta 2006. Kot nevladna in neprofitna organizacija ustvarjamo platformo, ki vzpodbuja povezave obeh držav na izobraževalnem, kulturnem in ekonomskem nivoju, promoviramo medsebojno razumevanje kot pogoj usklajenih izmenjav.


About our Silk Route initiative

"FONSR" is the short name for: Foundations Of New Silk Route for learning and communication. The foundation is an international, non-governmental, non-commercial, academic organization dedicated to the exchange program, research and network between West and East.

We as citizens of member countries of the EU are interested in establishing continuous contacts between educational systems in EU countries and Asia with the purpose of exchanging ideas and concepts and so finding common solutions to the coming problems which challenge development in our economies, industry and environment. The focus can be set on the environmental hazards in connection with the development of infrastructure and industry during the coming decades.


Some recordings of our activity:

Please note that the date is in the YYMMDD format - e.g.180423 means April 23rd 2018








180920 DSKP meetings in Chengdu and roundtable

180919 DSKP meetings in Chengdu

180918 DSKP meeting in Beijing

180917 Shijiazhuang DSKP Meetings with High Officials of the City Municipality

180914 Beijing DSKP meeting with ICI and ENRICH at C-SPACE and Foundry Club

180912 Tianjin meetings with DSKP, ICI and ENRICH

180912 Beijing Jianguo hotel ICI meeting with DSKP

180816 Ljubljana opening of the exhibition Gold of the Chinese Emperors

180726 On the occasion of the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Chinese peoples liberation army his Excellency Ambassador Ye Hao invided us to the celebration.

180620 Meeting of the Women Power Code project staff in Piatra Neamtz Romania where DSKP helps in dissemination

180517 DSKP was invited to the meeting with between the staff of the Gozdarski Institut Ljubljana and its Chinese partners

180508 DSKP promotion at the cultural event in Festivalna Dvorana Ljubljana

180429 meeting on Bled Slovenia with partners of Poland and friends

180423 DSKP meeting at the Economic & Commercial Counsellor's Office - Embassy of the P.R. China in the Republic of Slovenia

180413 DSKP meeting with the CEO of TAM in Maribor

180411 Meeting relatid to education in modern aging. Skofja Loka Slovenia

180214 DSKP meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

180201 Chinese new year in Ljubljana

180125 Tempus EMICVL meeting in London, Bett meeting

180114-17 DLEARN meeting in Brussels Belgium

171116-20 Tempus EMICVL meeting in Tbilisi Georgia

171108-10 Erasmus Womenpower project in Edinbourgh Great Britain

171023-1101 Ericena-Enrich projects in Chengdu, Beijing and Qingdao China

171018-21 DLEARN meeting in Brussels Belgium

170701-8 Tempus EMICVL meeting in Baku Azerbaijan

170621 Meeting of BNI group in Ljubljana

170422-0505 Tempus EMICVL meeting in Baku Azerbaijan and Tbilisi Georgia

160120-22 Tempus EMICVL meeting in London

150919-26 Tempus EMICVL meeting in Odessa and Lviv Ukraine

150615 Invitation by Peter Florjancic - Bled Slovenia

140121 Tempus EMICVL meeting in Tbilisi Gruzija Georgia

130730 110526 Reception - Chinese Embassy Ljubljana

121018 Reception at the Chinese Embassy Ljubljana

121004 Lecture at Bled, Slovenia

120927 Reception of the Chinese Embassy at the hotel Lev Ljubljana Slovenia

120623 Confucius center meeting at Bled Slovenia

120201 Chinese new year at the Chamber of commerce Ljubljana

110915-27 TERENCE project in Palermo Italy

110630-110704 TERENCE project in inSalamanca Spain

110526 Reception at the Chinese Embassy Ljubljana

110510-17 Meeting in Amman Jordan

110412 Meeting (seetrans) Ljubljana

110321-27 Meeting at Biosoft conference Beijing China

101127 Meeting at Leafa university Egypt

100930-1003 TERENCE project in l'Aquila Italy

100726-29 Meeting in Freiburg Germany

100531-607 Meeting at LEAFA conference Tunis

100526 Confucius Institute meeting Ljubljana Slovenia

100524 Meeting (ecology) in Ljubljana Slovenia

100519 Meeting in Maribor (e-content)

100514 meeting at the Chamber of commerce Ljubljana

100407 TERENCE project in Luxembourg

100301 Reception at the Chinese Embassy Ljubljana

100209 Chinese new year at the Chamber of commerce Ljubljana

091203 DSKP and Chinese Embassy charity action pionirski dom ljubljana

091015-19 EMMIT meeting libanon lebanon beiruth

090828 The 60th anniversary of China ljubljana

090122 budapest ICT proposers meeting EU framework

081129 lecture in Kranj

080917 Anton Komat present his new book Simbiotic man

080612 lecture in slovenian parlament

080522 uzbekistan lecture

080114 LLL3D Brussels meeting

071011 fecone project meeting Vilnius

070312 Krakow Poland CISCI project and lippy and messy

070305 brussels minerva coordinators meeting

070122 OSA project meeting Kranj

Primary school Kranj meeting

061114 milano cisci project meeting

061006 wien ViKi project meeting

060806 Beijing06 meeting, foundation of FONSR

060703 helsinki minerva kongres

060609 stockholm rgames meeting

060511 Rgames and Minos Ljubljana and Preddvor Slovenia meeting

060417 hanghzou zhejian kongres

060225 CISCI meeting on Malta

051227 phareJesenice kranj meeting

051203 rgames amsterdam

051019 pireaus inspire

050714 Estonia CISCI project meeting

050519 brussels elearning conference

050429 Rgames project meeting Slovenia

050316 - 23 EU Bridge meeting in Beijing China


Chinese new year at the Chamber of commerce Ljubljana




regular meeting of DSKP. We elected the new president of DSKP: Tomaž Amon. Thenks to the Etnographic museum and Ralf Čeplak for hosting the meeting.