Silk Route Goals

  1. To start the exchange program in different culture group and to promote cooperation between West and East.
  2. To provide opportunities for the experts to exchange experiences and the spread of new products.
  3. To organize various international conferences on culture, technology and learning.
  4. To publish new findings of cooperative research in international journals.
  5. To disseminate our results worldwide.
  6. to set up a network/platform for all experts all over the world, who are interested in Education, culture, society, energy, food etc. From this network/platform as a bridge all experts/businessmen could exchange new products, research result, issues.
  7. to organize the workshops, forum, conference etc for discussion all related issues
  8. to support China/Asia coutries to connect with West and improve their system.
  9. to recuit more members and draw their attention and participation in this network and activities
  10. to build up world-wide spider-net to bridge the govenment and people
  11. to apply for project budget from all-overthe world and initiate the joint ventures