Our activities in 2021

Please note that the date is in the YYMMDD format - e.g.210423 means April 23rd 2021

211117 DSKP attends China Hitech fair
211110 DSKP attends Europe Virtual Medical Devices Trade Fair
211022 DSKP participating at the EU SME China walled garden lecture
211001 DSKP Congratulates for the 72 Anniversary of the founding of PRC
210929 DSKP is the co-organizer of the CIFTIS exhibition about Slovenia
210917 Slovene Chinese Friendship Association Supports United China
210901 DSKP at thr China CEEC Summit
210831 DSKP interviewed by Patrick Oshea
210819 DSKP at the Danish Embassy Beijing meeting
210721 DSKP collaborates at additive manufacturing
210715 DSKP at the EU-China Forum on Innovation
210630 DSKP congratulates to theChinese Communist Party Anniversary
210618 DSKP active at the animation matchmaking
210603 Memorandum of Understanding between EU SME centre Brussels and DSKP extended for 2021
210527 DSKP at the enrich smart city forum
210526 DSKP present at the EU SME center meeting
210520 DSKP at East Asian Collections in Slovenia
210519 DSKP at ZIT gaia-x driving digital Slovenia
210512 DSKP attends the Li hua Sara medina lecture
210506 DSKP drinks virtual tea at the business tea SKPS
210505 DSKP at the augmented reality symposium
210504 DSKP participates at the hydrogen donava project buildup
210427 DSKP participates at the enrich schmittzehe business development in china
210406 DSKP at IP protection in China for innovative SMEs
210331 DSKP attends the Clean Energy symposium organized by SPI
210317 We attended the Investment in China seminar organized by SPI
210222-26 DSKP contributed at the westminster university symposium
210120 DSKP present at the SPI blockchain conference